Ps to PACll-7327-1-039-03 acknowledgment

Jenni Chrisstoffels, research librarian, pictorial, at the Alexander Turnbull Library has informed me that the photo of the four women reading has been digitised as part of the library’s Pictures Online Project. It has a new reference number too: EP/1957/0192a

I saw the photo only as a print. It had been quite tightly cropped so it was great to see the original and get a feel for elegance of the Evening Post’s foyer. You can find it here. “Scenes in front office of the Evening Post, on publication of school certificate results. Negatives of the Evening Post newspaper. Ref: EP/1957/0192a-F. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.’

The other image, of the mob in the foyer desperate for a newspaper, has not been digitised. The negative needed to go to conservation. But it also has a different reference number on the Taphui database (for unpublished manuscripts): EP/1959/0242

Thank you, Jenni, for providing this new information on these wonderful images.


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Journalist, historian, mum. 'Stop Press: the last days of newspapers' (Scribe, 2013). Creative fellow, State Library of Victoria. Project: 'The Melbourne Sirius' an artist newspaper (2014). First book, 'The Parihaka Album: Lest We Forget' (Huia, 2009). New project, about doctors and doctorhood, is on the go now.
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