A Sirius Announcement


Dear newspaper lovers,

In the past few days, some of you have been in touch with me to ask how you can get a copy of my artist newspaper, Melbourne Sirius. Thank you so much for your interest in this project. I had not expected such a big response and I think it says a lot about the huge cultural, economic and personal significance of newspapers in this city.

Unfortunately, my print run was very small and I do not have any spare copies to post to people either in Victoria or interstate. I’m sorry.

A few people have asked if they can buy a copy of Melbourne Sirius. The answer is no. The paper is not for sale. It is a gift to Melbourne and a homage to newspaper people and to librarians, archivists, conservators and all those others who so diligently and modestly care for our material culture past and present, including old newspapers.

If you want a copy, come to one of newspaper buildings at the times noted in my earlier post, ‘An A to Z of newspapers’. I have 525 to give away on Monday 3 March. If you can’t make it into town then, a very limited number of copies will be available from the State Library of Victoria foyer desk from 10am on Tuesday 4 March. Once they have been claimed, that is it.

The State Library is also depositing copies of Melbourne Sirius at all State and Territory libraries so people who are interstate can view a copy there at a later time. I have already donated a copy to the National Library of Australia in Canberra.

If you really want to spend some money on a newspaper-related object, you could always buy a copy of my book, Stop Press: the last days of newspapers (Scribe, 2013)! It contains many stories about newspaper history here in Melbourne and in New Zealand and it documents how the newspapers that do still exist are made.

Meantime, I’m looking forward to meeting some of you on Monday.





About rachelbuchanan2000

Journalist, historian, mum. 'Stop Press: the last days of newspapers' (Scribe, 2013). Creative fellow, State Library of Victoria. Project: 'The Melbourne Sirius' an artist newspaper (2014). First book, 'The Parihaka Album: Lest We Forget' (Huia, 2009). New project, about doctors and doctorhood, is on the go now.
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